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Winter Week 3: Come On, Come on

Y'all, did you know that Paul Rudd, star of Ant Man and all around stand up dude, hosts an annual bowling league for SAY (Stuttering Association for the Young)?!? Well, I didn't know that, and here we are. If you'd like to find out more, or to donate, check out for more information. So, we made it through the first couple of weeks. Again, teams should be set now and this week should look like it's going to be for the rest of the season.

Just a few reminders:

  • When you arrive, do not start practice until both teams on your lanes have arrived. If you have to blind a player or enter pre-bowling scores, you can do that, but the timer starts when you throw the first ball, so please, don't steal the other team's practice time by starting early if they're not all there.

  • Speaking of arriving, please arrive at the lanes no later than 6pm. It's not just you and your team that's delayed, but the team you're opposing. Practice should be completed and competitive play started no later than 6:15 pm.

  • Speaking of competitive play, please be sure to be ready when it's your turn to bowl. If you want to order food or drinks try to time it so that you order between games or can be back in time for your turn. A little delay here and there is fine, but we're really aiming for everyone to be done by 9pm and no later.

  • Don't forget to brush up on etiquette. See below for more.

  • Most importantly, remember that this is a social league! Have fun. Get to know your teammates and your opponents. We're all here to have fun and meet people, so it's no good if you just keep to yourselves! Make new friends. It's ok to be competitive, just don't be a jerk. Everyone should be registered and up to date by the end of this week's play. If you have concerns, let me know. Etiquette: Always check the lane to your right. If there is someone else about to bowl, defer to them (unless they give you the go ahead).

  • Use your own equipment. This includes balls, towels, chalk, etc.

  • Clean up your area. Don't be a dick, yes there's staff to clean up behind you, but you're grown, you can throw your own trash in the trash can.

  • Keep potential spills out of the approach area. If you get a pitcher of beer for your team, you're a damn champ. However, keep the pitcher at the back table, so that if there is some sort of unfortunate incident, it's out of the way of the approach.

  • Watch out for spills/wet floors. Wet shoes will DEFINITELY cause a fall, trust me on this one. Your ankle and your dignitiy will thank me.

Pre/post bowling: No more post bowling this season. If your'e going to be out, then you need to pre-bowl, or we'll use your blinded score (your average minus 10 points): = Pre bowling is for folks who are going to miss a regular game night.

When you come to prebowl, make sure you let the staff know that it's prebowling and not practice. Also, email me (or your teammate) your scores afterward, and make sure that you write the date you are bowling for ON YOUR SCORE CARD. Sometimes the staff doesn't include the cards with our folder, so if I don't know that you pre-bowled, I don't know to ask them to find the score card for me. So make sure you send someone who is going to be there your score.

= Also if you pre-bowl, you MAY not bowl on that Sunday, otherwise, we have to pay for your games twice. So if you prebowl, but then end up being able to attend, you can either come and be social without bowling, or you can pay me $12 for that night's games and we'll throw out your pre-bowling scores.

= Just a reminder that AMF allows us to pre-bowl (and use practice games) at any time Sunday through Thursday, and Friday and Saturday before 6pm.

= Again, LET ME KNOW if you prebowl. If I don't have an email/text from you about prebowling, I won't know to look for your scores and you might get marked as absent.If you pre-bowl, but your score is worse than your blind score, be honest. This shouldn't require further comment.

Just a wee reminder, SuperBowl Sunday we will NOT bowl! As always, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly. Have a great rest of your week, and I'll see you Sunday! -keely

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