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Winter Bowling Week 5: Be My Valentine

Welcome back, Pindependents!

I hope you had a fun week off and you're ready to get rolling again.

Hey, did you know that there's some sort of holiday coming up next week? You know what that means!  A party!

So, this week, please bring some sort of Valentine's treat to share with your fellow bowlers. We'll set up a potluck on various tables and share some love.

How better to celebrate coming back from a week off than by sharing  the love?

A few housekeeping items:

-  Be sure that when you're done bowling, you turn in your score sheet to me!   Don't just leave them on the table at your bowling alley, as the staff may pick it up and toss them out, which is what happened to a couple of our teams last we bowled.

- If you were on one of those teams, you already know and I emailed your scores to the scorekeeper, but she may not have received it before doing this week's standings/scores, so your scores/points may not be accuate.  Sorry about that.

If you are on a payment plan, your 2nd/final payment is due THIS WEEK.

You will most likely receive a request for payment from me sometime today or tomorrow (or later in the week at the latest).  Please bring your  money tomorrow night so that we can get it taken care of. I am not interested in chasing down money for the payment plans, so please pay on time, or we won't be able to offer the plan any more.

If you do not have a league card, please request one at the front desk.

If your league card doesn't work, please ask one of the managers to update it.

I'm not sure why some cards aren't working, everyone should be in the system as league bowlers, so that's an AMF problem that I simply can't solve., but they should be able to.

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