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winter 2024: NO BOWLING tonight. Enjoy the Superb Owl

No BLUF tonight, as it's all the bottom line:

No bowling tonight, so you can spend it doing any number of other things. These might include:

  • Watching a football game

  • Watching commercials that were already released on social media, so what is even the point?

  • Watching an Usher concert.

  • Counting how many times a certain pop star is shown on TV.

    • checking social media to see how many insecure men are furious they have to see her on their TV.

    • also counting the number of times other celebrities are shown on TV and seeing who gets mad about that.

  • Counting the number of times a certain popstar's boyfriend's brother takes off his shirt and chugs a beer with fans (this is the content I'm here for).

  • Ignoring the football, and watching puppies.

  • Ignoring football and puppies, and watching other stuff you've been meaning to catch up on.

  • Reading a book.

  • Going to bed early.

Anywho, enjoy yourselves, stay safe, and we'll see you next week

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