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Spring 2024 Starts Tonight! There's Still Time To Register


 Spring bowling starts TONIGHT! There's still time to join us!

 If you need to pay offline or have questions, email me directly.


Hi, this is the last annoying "sign up today!" reminder you'll get from me regarding our spring season, because we start tonight! 


If you have already registered:

  • Thank you!! I can't wait to see you tonight! You'll get an email with details about tonight's adventures soon! You can also always get updates through the website (Weekly Updates and News | Pindependent Bowling)

  • Check on your teammates! I have a few teams where only one or two members have registered, so if you're registering with a team, confirm that the rest of your team is registered!

  • If your team has 3 or fewer members, you may have a free agent added to your team.


If you haven't already registered, why not?! You get all these great perks:

  • Bowl with a team! Bring your own, or I can place you on one. (Teams are at least 3 people, max. 4)

  • 3 competitive games per week on Sunday nights from 6:15 to about 9ish

  • 2 free practice games per week!

  • Discounts on snacks and soft drinks!

  • Discounts on non-league bowling!

  • Cool people! Bad puns! Excellent Puns! Pizza party at the end of the season! Cheesy-- I mean gorgeous trophies! What more do you want?!


You don't have to be a great bowler, you just have to be interested in having fun. 

  • If you don’t have a team, no worries, we’ll place you with one! 

  • If you only have 1 friend and need a couple more, hey, I can help with that! 

  • If you have a full team and want to compete with some bowlers who range from really trying hard to completely excellent, then we are the right league for you! 

  • If you’re going to miss a week (we get it, summer vacation is imminent), you can always pre-bowl and get your money’s worth! 

  • If you're not sure about paying all at once or you want to pay in cash our first week, then reply to this email and let's talk!


So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!!  Sign Up | Pindependent Bowling


Sign up here and we’ll get rolling for the spring season! 

Let's roll!



Keely Godwin

Manager, Cruise Director, and all-around Bowling Buddy

Pindependent Durham Bowling  


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