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Winter 2024: Let's Roll!

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): 

  • Winter 2024 will start on Jan 21

  • Red Shirts will play Rock N' Roll Express for last season's championship

  • Please register for the season ASAP at this link


Happy new year, Pindependents! 

  Well the overwhelming majority of our players who responded to the survey sent out recently preferred to start on the 21st and bowl for 9 weeks this Winter 2024 season, so that's what we're going to do! 

  If you're a veteran bowler, you know the drill, sign up on the website, indicate if you're a free agent or on a team, etc.  

  If you're a veteran and were part of our Fall 2023 season, you know that we didn't get to crown a champion team, so to speak, because the bowling alley had to be evacuated.  Therefore, Rock n" Roll Express will be matched up with Red Shirts to play off the end of last season.  


For winter, the cost will be $135 ($15/wk), which will cover what the bowling alley charges us, credit card fees and trophies at the end of each season. You can use paypal or a credit card on the website or you can paypal me directly (  If you want to use Venmo, write a check or use cash, please get up with me ASAP so we can take care of it before league start. 


  If you're new to our league, we pay up front for the whole (short) season, and then I take care of the week-to-week costs.  Shoe rental is not included in registration and we are a non-sanctioned social league. 

  If you don't have a team, that's ok, we can put you with teams that have space.


 What is included:

  • 3 competitive games each week

  • 2 free practice games (can be used M-S until 6 pm or any time on Sundays)

  • Play in a league where teams never have more than 4 players

  • Discounts on snacks and soft drinks

  • Discounts on additional bowling


Once I get some numbers for the season, I'll update folks

If you keep an eye on the website, all of the update emails are also included in the "Weekly Updates and News" section of the site. 


Can't wait to get rolling with you again soon!


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