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Winter 2024: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry. For Tomorrow, We Roll

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): 

  • Winter 2024 bowling starts tomorrow night!

  • Red Shirts will play Rock N' Roll Express for last season's championship

  • If you have already registered, ignore this email (or send it to a friend)

  • If you haven't registered, please register for the season ASAP at this link


It's happening!! Our winter 2024 season starts tomorrow, Sunday Jan 21st! 

If you haven't registered yet, what are you waiting for?!?


If you have already registered, thank you, and you can ignore this email. Or send it to your friends. And you should check on your teammates and confirm that they are registered (I have at least one team where only part of the team is currently registered).  If you signed up at Bowlero's website but have not paid me, you are not currently registered. That's not a problem, but I do ask that you go to our site and register/pay for your season. 


For winter, the cost will be $135 ($15/wk), and we will play a 9 week season. 

We are a laid back sort of non-sanctioned social league. We do use a handicap system to make gameplay more competitive (and fun). Don't ask me to explain how it works, it's a mystery. 

  If you're worried about having to choose between bowling and a certain big football game coming up in a couple weeks, don't worry, we don't bowl on Superb Owl Sunday. If you're needing to be out for a week, you can pre-bowl, just reach out to me for details if you need more information. 


What you get for your money:

  • 3 competitive games each week (Sunday at 6:15pm)

  • 2 free practice games (can be used M-S until 6 pm or any time on Sundays)

  • Play in a league where teams never have more than 4 players

  • Championship team gets a classy trophy at the end of the season

  • League pizza party on the final week of the season

  • Discounts on snacks and soft drinks

  • Discounts on additional bowling

What you don't get for your money:

  • Shoe rental

  • Pre/post bowling at other Bowlero sites


  If you're a veteran and were part of our Fall 2023 season, you know that we didn't get to crown a champion team, so to speak, because the bowling alley had to be evacuated.  Therefore, Rock n' Roll Express will be matched up with Red Shirts for the final playoff night and for that super sweet set of trophies. 


Come join us by registering at


If you keep an eye on the website, all of the update emails are also included in the "Weekly Updates and News" section of the site. 


Can't wait to roll with you tomorrow!



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