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Winter 2023- Final week! Pizza and Pins


m Line Up Front (BLUF):

  • Final matchups for those sweet Pindependent trophies

  • We will have a pizza party

  • Registration is open for Spring 2023

It's our final week of the season, my Pindependents, and it's been great fun. We have our championship matchups for Sunday night, and we'll celebrate the end of the season with a pizza party. Basically the choices are cheese or pepperoni. If we can get some veggie, we will but, come on, it's bowling alley pizza. Matchups for the final games: The Best (think NCAA) - Split City vs Fustercluck The Rest (think NIT) Alley Rats vs Pun intended Playoff rules (quick reminder):

  • Teams will play 3 games. Winner of 2 of those games moves on to the next round.

  • Total points will only be used in a tie breaker situation.

  • Pre-bowling scores will NOT be used for team totals. If a player pre-bowled, they should be blinded for tonight's team score, but their pre-bowling score can be used to for their average.

  • Teams must be present to participate. If your team fails to show, you forfeit and your opponent moves on to the next round. If the team you're playing against fails to show, just blind them, take the win and bowl your games.

I can't guarantee that you won't bowl against a team you've already seen this season, but tonight is mostly about fun. Spring league: We will start our spring league on 4/16/2023 and it will run through 6/25/2023, with no bowling on Memorial Day Weekend. Registration is set up and you can sign up as of today! Bring your friends! Cost will be $115 (the alley charges us $11 per player per week, so the extra $5 covers credit card fees and trophies, etc.) Note that the site has been updated with the correct price for the spring season, should be $115. If you are billed a different amount, please let me know. Just a quick note about updates: If you get these updates and you mark them as “spam," the software I use to send them out will put you on a blocklist and you'll be removed from the mailing list, so, uh, yeah, click on it and delete it you don't want to be unsubscribed. Don't forget that there are a couple of great apps to help you during the season:

  • Lane Talk allows you to track your scores at your lane, and through the season. It communicates with the bowling alley's software, so it tracks everything automatically. Super cool and fun.

  • League Pals is the software Bowlero uses to manage the league. If you register using the email you gave on week one, it can give you the weekly updated scoresheets. Note: It will tell you that you can pay your dues through the app, for our league that is NOT the case, as we manage that through our website.

  • These apps are handy, but not required, of course.

That's all I got this week other than the usual reminders, see you tonight! Bowling etiquette and league reminders (I will re-send this every time):

  • If you pre-bowl, you must make sure to date your score card and let me know. Scorecards without dates will not be used. You can prebowl any time, just make sure that you tell them you're prebowling.

  • Every league bowler will have 2 free practice games per week. These games can be played Monday through Friday until 6pm or any time on Sundays. Check in at the desk and let them know that you are here for practice games, not pre-bowling. You should NOT be given a score card for practice games, and you only get 2 for free (but a discount on additional games if you want them).

  • Be ready to bowl when it's your turn. I know the snack bar lines can be slow, but try to be aware of your turn to bowl and be ready.

  • Be aware of other bowlers: if 2 bowlers make the approach side by side, the bowler on the right has the right of way. Look around. Make sure that when it's your turn, you're not bowling at the same time as the bowlers in the lanes next to you.

  • Once your turn is done, finish up and get out of the way. Again, we're trying to keep things moving, so once your roll is complete, do your happy dance and let the next bowler approach.

  • Wear bowling shoes. This should go without saying, but street shoes can damage the approach and lead to falls. Shoes are NOT included in the price of your season, so make sure to rent your shoes when you arrive if you need to.

  • Keep an eye on food and drink: don't spill near the approach, wet shoes cause falls (trust me on this one). If you're a sloppy eater, then eat at the table behind the benches on the lanes.

  • Show up on time! We try to be done around 9 every week.

  • If you are going to miss a week, let your either me or your teammates know! I can't tell you the number of times we've had to guess if someone is going to show up or not, just be a champ and let us know.

  • Don't be a jerk. No, seriously. We're all here to have fun. Don't be a jerk.

Questions? Comments? Send them my way! -k- Follow us on twitter and facebook!

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