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Winter 2020 Week 8: Playoffs!

Pindependents! They playoffs are here.  This week our top 8 teams will compete to move on to the semi finals. They are: 1.  Team 4 vs 8. Bowl Durham 2. Wax Beans vs. 7. Mines in the Gutter 3. 6-9 Split vs. 6. Guttersnipes 4. Jive Turkey vs. 5. One Pin Wonders The lanes should be set up for the playoffs. NO pre-bowling scores please (blind scores only for absent bowlers) ONLY the 3 games count, total pins does not count. Winners of 2/3 games move on to next week. If you're not in the playoffs, you still bowl.

Super important thing:

I will not be there this week. I am in Florida with my kid at a nerd conference. Therefore, Bobby Crane will be distributing score cards and picking them up at the end of the night.  Please make sure you turn your score cards in to Bobby (he plays on Jive Turkey).  I will be back next week.  I *may* be there late in the evening, but just plan on me not being there and act accordingly.

Other Super Important Thing:

Mike Czysz will be selling raffle tickets for  Roxboro Community School's senior class. Tickets are $1 a piece. The prizes are awesome. Bring some cash if you want to participate.

Spring bowling!

Believe it or not, it's time to start thinking about the spring season.  If we want to play another 10 week season (most ideal, it seems), then we will take a very short 2 week break at the end of this season, and start up in April 5th. Taking a break for Memorial Day (note this means we WILL bowl Easter Sunday), we would end in Mid-June (the 14th).  If this is utterly undoable, please let me know and if I get enough responses, we may need to adjust.

What this means is that registration for Spring season will be starting sometime in the next 2 to 3 weeks.  So save your pennies and get ready to register!

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