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Winter 2020 Week 4: All Set

Hello, my Pindependents!

So I don't have anyone who has responded about the returned jacket and now I'm starting to worry that I've stolen someone's coat. That sucks. So if you're missing a coat, let me know, I have it.

We're well into the season now and the teams should be set, no more jumping around. Scores should be showing up and your averages should be pretty well established. I recommend that you swap phone numbers/emails with your teammates so that you can notify them if you have to miss a week or if you're running late.

My goal is to have everyone try to play as many teams as possible, but we do also have our playoffs coming up for the last 3 weeks of the season, so that may be jumbled a bit based on how the playoffs work out.

Just a teaser, our playoffs will be like we did last season: the top 8 teams will play off in week 8, winners will move on to the semi-final week 9, and our championship game will be week 10. If you're not in the playoffs, never fear, your team will still bowl. You paid for 10 weeks of bowling, you get 10 weeks of bowling.

We will not bowl on Superbowl Sunday. I know, I know, it's the Super Bowl. Everyone should bowl, right? But apparently people want to go parties and eat chips and drink beer and wonder who they're supposed to root for since the Titans knocked the Patriots out and they're not sure if they're supposed to hate the 49ers or the Chiefs now.

League cards: If you have an old league card, it SHOULD be activated and working again. Do not throw out your cards at the end of the season, it gets reused. If you do not have a league card, I will be making a list on this Sunday to turn in to AMF so we can get everyone their cards. The cards are used for practice games, and discounts at the snack bar on soft drinks and food. If you don't have a card, they should be able to look you up in their system. If that fails, let me know, and I can see what I can do.

If you are on a payment plan: Your 2nd payment will be due on week 5, which will be the weekend after Superbowl sunday when we return. I will have the website set up by then so that you can pay online, or you can pay me that Sunday. I'll have more information when that week approaches.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please let me know! Otherwise, I'll see you on the lanes.

Standard weekly reminders:

Practice begins at 6pm and competitive play no later than 6:15.


  • Show up on time and be ready when it's your turn. Be mindful of your teammates and opponents, and don't make them wait on you.

  • Always check the lane to your right. If there is someone else about to bowl, defer to them (unless they give you the go ahead).

  • Use your own equipment. This includes balls, towels, chalk, etc.

  • Clean up your area. Don't be a dick, yes there's staff to clean up behind you, but you're grown, you can throw your own trash in the trash can.

  • Keep potential spills out of the approach area. If you get a pitcher of beer for your team, you're a damn champ. However, keep the pitcher at the back table, so that if there is some sort of unfortunate incident, it's out of the way of the approach.

  • Watch out for spills/wet floors. Wet shoes will DEFINITELY cause a fall, trust me on this one. Your ankle and your dignitiy will thank me.


  • AMF allows us to prebowl and practice any time Sunday through Thursday and Friday/Saturday until 6pm.

  • Make sure to specify when you check in if it's prebowling (3 games) or practice (2 games)

  • Make sure to send me your pre-bowling scores and write the date you are bowling for on your score card. It's not a bad idea to let your teammates know as well.

  • Apparently there are a few mid week leagues that are sucking up lanes during the week. I have no control over this, so make sure to call ahead to see if lanes are available if you are coming in for pre-bowling. I know most of us have day jobs, but the best time to bowl seems to be during the week day (the earlier the better).

  • For practice games there is no guarantee that they can put you on 2 lanes league-style, so be willing to bowl on a single lane if needed.

That's all I got this week. Stay warm and I'll see you Sunday!


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