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Spring 2020 Cancelled: Stay Healthy. Stay Home.

Hello, my Pindependents.

  Well, the writing is on the wall, and this pandemic isn't going anywhere any time soon. It's with no small amount of sadness that we're going to have to cancel our spring season. 

  The current predictions look like COVID19 is going to reach its peak here in NC sometime around the end of April, which means that we're probably in for a few more months of physical distancing and isolation, in order to preserve our medical resources as a community.

  That means that the restrictions on gatherings over 10 people likely aren't going anywhere anytime soon, either.  

   Certainly, no one is happy about it, but the truth is that we have to look out for each other. And that means staying away from one another.  So, dust off that old Wii, if you have one, and practice your bowling there.  Or read about it in Bowling For Dummies (order it online, of course).  Or watch cool you tube videos of bowling. But no in person bowling for a while.  

  Our hope is that once all of this calms down and we come back together, we'll bowl again in September.  

  In the meantime, keep washing your hands. Give what you would otherwise have paid for bowling registration to your local food bank. And, for all of us, if you can, stay home. 

  I will miss you people like crazy through the summer.

Stay cool, and we'll see you on the lanes again in the fall. 

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