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Payment plan for Fall 2019

Howdy, Pindependents.

As you know, our Fall season is fast approaching! It's going to be mad fun, as always, but it's also going to be our longest season yet. It makes for more fun, more opportunities for teams to play one another, and just more bowling. Who can complain?

However, it also means that the upfront cost for the league registration is higher than it ever has been, even at the bargain price of $10 per week. So that means that for some people, it might be a bit more of a burden.

Never fear, Pindependents! Since we're locally managed, we can come up with local solutions!

For those of you interested in bowling, but who need a little more time to pay the registration fee, we will offer a payment plan. If you need it, we can offer a plan that breaks your payments in to 2, 3 or 4 chunks.

Because of the increase in transaction fees, and the need to guarantee that you'll follow up (and I trust that you'll follow up and pay in full, don't worry, you guys are great), the price will be slightly higher than the $10 per week if you register before September 1.

The options available will be 2 payments of $66, 3 payments of $44 or 4 payments of $33.

In order to register with a payment plan, please email me DIRECTLY at That way I can get you on a list and I can arrange to collect your payment. You will need to make your first payment before September 1, or the price will go up (just like the paid in full option).

Again, in order to use the payment plan, you'll need to email me directly. In your email please include your name, phone number (required for the league discount card) and your preferred payment plan and method of payment (paypal vs. credit card are the two I can accept at this time). Once I get a payment site set up, then we can bill your first payment. Please do not send me any credit card numbers or other banking information in that email.

I hope that this takes the pressure off of some of our bowlers who would have avoided registration due to the cost. Our goal is to make playing with our league as fun and simple as possible. As always, please get in touch with me with questions.

Can't wait to roll with you!

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