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Our PIN-ultimate Week!

Here we are, finally at the real playoffs. Sorry to have made it so confusing and sorry for the late emails, lately. It took a while for AMF to get me the most up to date standings. But I have them now and we're set to go. Our playoffs will go as follows:

Penny Lane (4) will compete with 6-9 Split (1)

Team 6 (3) will face off against Team 3 (2).

- I expect more inspiring team names next season, kids.

Rules for playoffs:

  • At least half of each team must be present (4 player teams require 2 players to attend, 3 player teams, if only one person shows up, it'll be at your discretion)

  • Players must be present- no pre-bowling scores will be used. If you miss, your blinded score will be used.

  • Scoring for playoffs will be as per usual: 1 point for each game won and 1 point for total pins (scratch + handicap).

  • Ties will be resolved with a single frame rolloff, using the handicap pin total (strikes and spares are 10). In the case of a tie there, we keep rolling and counting at the end of each frame. (Again, using the handicap score.)

  • If we still have a tie, well then dang, we'll have that sword fight in the parking lot. Bring your swords just in case.

If your team did not make the playoffs you still bowl! As mentioned last week, you paid for 11 weeks, you bowl 11 weeks. Yes, there's nothing riding on it but we're here for the fun anyway.

Remember there is no bowling on November 28th (Sunday after Thanksgiving). Our final week/pizza party/championship game and awarding of trophies will be Sunday, December 5th.

Don't forget, you get 2 free practice games per week. You can take these M-TH until 7pm, F-Sa until 6pm or any time Sundays. (Make sure to specify that you are practicing, not pre-bowling, so they get the math right.) As a league player, you also get discounts on food and soft drinks at the snack bar, as well as bowling (if you're paying for extra games for yourself).

Bowling etiquette (just a constant reminder):

  • Be ready to bowl when it's your turn. No, seriously, don't be delaying play because you're messing around somewhere else. Being in line at the bar is one thing, but consistently having to be told it's your turn is annoying. Be considerate and ready when it's your turn.

  • Be aware of other bowlers: if 2 bowlers make the approach side by side, the bowler on the right has the right of way. LOOK AROUND. Make sure that when it's your turn, you're not bowling at the same time as the bowlers in the lanes next to you.

  • Wear bowling shoes. This should go without saying, but street shoes can damage the approach and lead to falls. Shoes are NOT included in the price of your season, so make sure to rent your shoes when you arrive if you need to.

  • Keep an eye on food and drink: don't spill near the approach, wet shoes cause falls (trust me on this one). If you're a sloppy eater, then eat at the table behind the benches on the lanes.

  • Don't be a jerk. No, seriously. We're all here to have fun. Don't be a jerk.

Questions? Comments? Send them my way!

Until then, let the playoffs commence!


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