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Only One Week Left to Register for Winter 2023!

Bottom Line Up Front: we start bowling Sunday, January 8th!

- We will probably have enough to do 4 player teams, so if you're registered with just 3, consider recruiting a friend!

Happy New Year! It's time for a new bowling season with Pindependents. We start next week, January 8th! If you've already registered, thanks! There are a few updates/potential changes since last week:

  • I've received some referrals from AMF, welcome new people! With this influx of new folks, we may actually have enough to create 4 player teams this season! But with registration where it is right now, we're still pretty light on players.

  • If we still have a smaller league (under 30 players registered) then we'll likely stick with the 3 person team model for this season. Let me know if either model puts you out for the season, you can just reply to this email.

  • Right now I have about 1/3 of our bowlers that we're expecting who have actually registered through the website, so be a champ and check on your teammates and friends and get them registered.

  • If you signed up on the AMF website, that isn't the same as registering with our league, so please register on our website using the link below.

If you haven't already registered, what are you waiting for?! Time to get the band back together and sign up for bowling! We'll run an 11-week season from 1/8/2023 through 3/26/2023. This season's cost will be $130.

(Note: We will not bowl in Superb Owl Sunday, February 12th, and Spring 2023 will be a 10-week season and start 2 weeks later)

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The usual bowling league perks will apply: 3 free competitive games on Sundays, 2 free practice games per week, discounts on food and soft drinks at the snack bar!

  • If you are going to miss a week, you may pre-bowl (email me if you want to discuss post-bowling in those situations where you are sick or have an emergency).

  • Masks are optional, and vaccination is strongly recommended.

  • If you are sick or have a close exposure,please quarantine per CDC guidelines. Please see this website for more details on when you should quarantine. Don't put your fellow bowlers and AMF staff at risk: If you are sick, STAY HOME!

  • If you need to discuss payment options with me (paying off-line with a check or similar, please reply to this email, but register on the website so I can get an accurate headcount to set up our teams).

Click on this link to sign up:

It's going to be a fun season, y'all! Don't miss out!

Thanks for hanging in there, y'all! See you Sunday!

Keely -- X/X/X/X/X/X/X/X Keely Godwin Manager, Cruise Director, Masking Enforcer, and all-around Bowling Buddy Pindependent Durham Bowling

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