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Matchups for our playoffs tonight!

  • Just wanted to let you all know the match ups for tonight, as I've only heard from one team who isn't going to be able to field a full team tonight (3 Pin Split) So tonight, look for these matchups. Team#-name vs Team#- name (team# is not your ranking, just so you are aware): 6- hwy wobblry vs 9- the red shirts 1- closed on sundays vs 4- urban achievers 2- team 3 vs 7 - knuckles deep 4- pinside joke vs 3- 6-9 split 8- 3 pin split vs. 10- team 10

If you don't see these matchups when you arrive on the computer screens, don't worry, we'll get them set before practice starts at 6:15.

  • Again, please wait until ALL members of both teams arrive before starting practice and everyone is ready- give everyone a chance to warm up.

  • If the team you are playing against has not arrived by 6:20, it's ok to start.

  • If players are out, you may not use their pre-bowling scores, but rather that player's blinded score (let me know if they pre-bowled though, so I can play for their bowling). Blinded score is the average minus 10 points.

  • The team who wins 2 of 3 games tonight moves on, the scratch/total pins doesn't come into play.

  • If a team wins the first 2 games, yes, you might as well go on and bowl the third, you paid for 3 games.

Standard bowling etiquette still applies:

  • wait your turn (defer to the bowler on your right)

  • clear out of the way when you're done

  • wear bowling shoes

  • watch out for food and drink in the approach area

  • don't be a jerk

Let's have some fun, Pindependents! -k-

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