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Let's Roll. . . cautiously

My dear Pindependents,

Oh how I have missed our Sunday evenings together! I'm hoping that this email finds you well. And vaccinated. It's been a tough year. Seriously, a difficult, terrible, no good year. And not being able to hang with you cats at the bowling alley was just one component of that.

However, it looks like AMF is opened back up and operating more or less what will be the new normal: lanes are all open, leagues are coming back. Staff and guests are still recommended to wear masks indoors, particularly in compliance with CDC guidelines.

As it is, I'm cautiously planning for us to resume league play in September of this year. The first week will be Sunday, September 12, 2021. We will play 11 weeks, with a break on Halloween night and Thanksgiving weekend, which means that the season will stretch to December 7th.

The website is updated and registration is now open. If you register before September 7th, you'll save $15.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Depending on how things look with local COVID19 numbers and recommendations from the Department of Health and CDC, the season could potentially be cancelled before it gets started. If that's the case, your money will be refunded. If we have to cancel midway through we will arrange partial refunds as well.

  • I am expecting that ALL bowlers be fully vaccinated. And no, I don't want your excuses. If you have a medical exemption, that is one thing, but there are VERY few medical reasons not to be vaccinated. We're all relying on each other to care enough to protect others by doing something that has been proven over the last 19 months to be effective and safe at reducing hospitalizations, serious illness and death. If you have questions about the vaccine or concerns, please email me, and we can discuss it. But please, if you want to bowl, be vaccinated.

  • If you are not vaccinated (dude, seriously?), then you will be required to wear a mask at all times while you are indoors for bowling, even if the recent revised guidance on masking is loosened as we draw closer to the season. Again, this is about us all being responsible to one other and protecting against the spread of infection.

  • Regardless of your vaccine status, if you become sick during the season, please follow quarantine guidelines (if you are exposed to a symptomatic COVID19 patient or if you have COVID19 symptoms, DO NOT COME TO BOWL; follow CDC guidelines for quarantining). See above re: caring for one another and reducing infection transmission.

  • The usual bowling league perks will apply: 3 games on Sundays, 2 free practice games per week, discounts on food and soft drinks at the snack bar, etc.

  • There will be no post-bowling this season if you miss a week. Pre-bowling only.

  • Due to payment issues in previous seasons, all bowlers must pay in advance before the season starts. No exceptions.

So, let's cautiously plan on a return to league play in September. Register on the Pindependent Durham Bowling website Sign up page now and save a few bucks!

Click on this link to sign up:

I can't wait to see you out there on the lanes again.

Keely -- X/X/X/X/X/X/X/X Keely Godwin Manager, Cruise Director Masking Enforcer, and all around Bowling Buddy Pindependent Durham Bowling

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