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League Refund Policy (pinned post)

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

This league is a labor of love, and not a money maker. We run on a pretty tight margin to keep costs low for our bowlers, because it's all about the fun. However, there are costs associated with maintaining the league, so we don't have a lot of spare change lying around.

Here's the only reason we'll give you a full refund:

-You decided that you don't want to bowl with us, after all 10 days prior to the start of the league. No worries, we can refund your money. Contact the league manager at least 10 days prior to league start and we can process your refund.

Here are some of the reasons we might give you a partial refund:

-You decide you don't want to bowl with us after all, but it's sometime between 10 days prior to start through week 2 of the season. Ok, I get it, but we had to hold your space on a team, we had to pay the alley for your spot, and we had to pay your credit card fees. Sorry, but we can only give you a partial refund at this point. This is particularly true if you bowled week 1 or week 2, as we pay for those games. The amount of the refund will depend on when you leave the season.

Here are some reasons we will NOT give you a refund (updated 12/5/2021):

-You registered and paid, but you are not vaccinated against COVID19: No, for real, we've been doing this and talking about it since 2020. If you do not show proof of vaccination by the first week of the season you cannot bowl with us, I'm sorry. It's clearly stated in the registration, so if you register anyway and lied, no refunds.

-You change your mind about bowling any time from week 3 to the end of the season.

The alley forces us to guarantee a number of bowlers. They use the average week 1 and 2 attendance and charge us for that many bowlers, regardless of whether that many really show up. Which means if you're there week 1 and 2 but aren't for the rest of the season, we still have to pay for you to be there. (Also, friend, you've put your team in heck of a spot, just leaving like that. No refunds.)

-Your team didn't make it to the playoffs. As a league we do not promise that anyone will win. We sell you a specified number of weeks of competitive bowling with the league perks (that sometimes change from season to season, but generally involve free practice games and discounts at the snack bar). If you don't make the playoffs, you still bowl during those weeks to get the number of weeks you paid for when you registered. (Also, really, friend? Really?)

Are there other situations where a refund might be discussed?

Sure! We can always discuss it. However, outside of cancelling with plenty of notice prior to the start of the league, I can almost guarantee that we're talking about partial refunds, if any at all. Again, this is mostly due to our obligation to AMF Lanes.

Got questions? Concerns? Let me know! You can email me at any time.

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