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Fall 2023 Registration is Now Open!

Bottom Line Up Front:

  • We start Sunday, September 10th at 6pm.

  • Teams will be 4-players and the season will be 10 weeks

  • Price details below ($150 for 10 weeks, shoes not included)

  • Sign up at

The summer is winding down into thunderstorm season, which can only mean one thing! It's time to bowl. We will start on Sunday the 10th of September. Please arrive for week 1 at 6pm so we can get players and teams set up and on the proper lanes. We will play a 10-week season. My previous email suggested we'd play 12, but, well, there's been a significant price jump since last season and the cost for a longer season may be prohibitive for some folks, so we'll keep it to 10 and see how it goes. We will NOT bowl on November 12th, in honor of Veteran's Day. Fall season will be $150. This includes 3 competitive games each week and 2 practice games. Shoe rental is not included. Please pay when you register, you can use a credit card or PayPal on the site. If you want to PayPal or Venmo me directly after registering, or if you need to make other arrangements, reach out to me as soon as possible! For new bowlers or if someone sent you this email because you might be interested in bowling with us, a few things to know about bowling in our league:

  • The usual bowling league perks will apply: 3 free competitive games on Sundays, 2 free practice games per week, discounts on food and soft drinks at the snack bar!

  • If you are going to miss a week, you may pre-bowl (email me if you want to discuss post-bowling in those situations where you are sick or have an emergency).

  • We are an unsanctioned league, which means that we're mostly here to have fun, hang out with friends and enjoy an evening out.

  • We do use a handicap system, so if you're not a great bowler, that's OK! It all tends to balance out.

  • All registrations are handled through the Pindependent website (link is below). If you signed up on the Bowlero site, please go to our site and complete your registration.

Questions? Comments? Costume ideas for Halloween? Send them my way at Thanks for hanging in there, y'all! See you soon! Keely -- X/X/X/X/X/X/X/X Keely Godwin Manager, Cruise Director, Masking Enforcer, and all around Bowling Buddy Pindependent Durham Bowling

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