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Fall 2022 League Bowling starts next week!!


We're one week away from starting our Fall 2022 season! If you haven't signed up yet, what are you waiting for?! I think there's two team where all 3 players have actually signed up, the others are just waiting for their slowpoke friends to get on the stick and get registered.

Sign up has been a little bit slow this season, so check on your friends who usually bowl with us and find out if they've signed up or not. Come on! Use that peer pressure we all heard about back in high school! Sign up here: The usual league perks apply:

  • Bowl with a team (3 people per team)! Bring your own, or I can place you on one.

  • 3 competitive games per week on Sunday nights from 6:15 to about 9ish

  • 2 free practice games per week!

  • Discounts on snacks and soft drinks!

  • Discounts on non-league bowling!

  • Cool people! Bad puns! Pizza party at the end of the season!

We will bowl for 11 weeks; last week will be the Sunday before Thanksgiving. The price is just over $10/wk, so it's a great bargain! And yes, there might be a party in there somewhere. If you're new to Pindependent, we can't wait to meet you! If you're an old hand at this, we can't wait to see you back on the lanes. So grab some friends and sign up now. If you're not sure about this sign up thing, email me or show up next Sunday at 6PM at AMF Durham lanes and we'll get you rolling (although it would be nice if you warned me ahead of time). Also, make sure to sign up with an email that you can check on the weekends because each week's email usually goes out on Saturday (and sometimes Sunday morning)! Quick disclaimer: I will be out of town attending a medical conference this week, so if you email or reach out to me and I don't respond right away, I apologize! I promise I will get back to you. Eventually. -k- X/X/X/X/X/X/ Keely Godwin League Manager, Social Director, and all around Bowling Buddy Pindependent Durham Bowling X/X/X/X/X/X/

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