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2020 Winter Bowling, Week 9: The SemiFinals

Alternate title? Not all heroes wear capes.


First of all, let's all say a huge thank you to Bobby Crane, resident bowling league hero who helped sort out the craziness on the lanes Sunday when I was out of town.

Bobby, I can't thank you enough.

Second, congrats to our winners last week, who are moving on to the semifinals this week!

Once again, our top 4 seeded teams are moving on:

Team 4 will take on Jive Turkey and the Wax Beans get their rematch with 6-9 Split.

As you know, the winners will move on to our championship game next Sunday (which will also include a pizza party!). As you also know, if you're not in the playoffs, you're still bowling this weekend and having a great time.

Playoff rules are still in place: no pre-bowling, at least one team member must be present to compete, best 2 of 3 games (total pins will only be used for tie breaker if one of the games, heaven forbid, ends up in a draw--if there's a tie after that, then the hell with it, I give up).

Our trophies this season will look different because my usual trophy supplier has our tropies out of stock! <gasp> Don't worry, there are still trophies, they just don't have our awesome flaming logo. Which, frankly, is something I stole from those original trophies in the first place.

Other leftovers

Spring Bowling!

Spring bowling will likely start on April 5th. Registration will be up and running, hopefully soon. Get ready to recruit your friends.

Standard weekly reminders:

Practice begins at 6pm and competitive play no later than 6:15.


  • Show up on time and be ready when it's your turn. Be mindful of your teammates and opponents, and don't make them wait on you.

  • Always check the lane to your right. If there is someone else about to bowl, defer to them (unless they give you the go ahead).

  • Use your own equipment. This includes balls, towels, chalk, etc.

  • Clean up your area. Don't be a dick, yes there's staff to clean up behind you, but you're grown, you can throw your own trash in the trash can. Keep potential spills out of the approach area.

  • Watch out for spills/wet floors. Wet shoes will DEFINITELY cause a fall, trust me on this one. Your ankle and your dignitiy will thank me.


  • AMF allows us to prebowl and practice any time Sunday through Thursday and Friday/Saturday until 6pm.

  • Make sure to specify when you check in if it's prebowling (3 games) or practice (2 games)

  • Make sure to send me your pre-bowling scores and write the date you are bowling for on your score card. It's not a bad idea to let your teammates know as well.

  • For practice games there is no guarantee that they can put you on 2 lanes league-style, so be willing to bowl on a single lane if needed.


Make sure to turn your team score sheets in to me. I keep the pink copy, just in case.

League cards: If you don't have yours, ask the bowling alley manager to get you set up.

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