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Winter 2024: Week 2

Bottom Line Up Front:

  • We should have 10 teams this season

  • Practice starts at 6:15, competitive play at 6:30

  • If you or your teammates haven't completed registration (with payment) please do so as soon as possible. 


So, we are off and rolling for Winter 2024. I still have a couple teams with only 3 players, so if other free agents show up, I do have spots for them potentially. 


Assuming everything stays as it is, with the registrations I have now, we should have 10 teams and 35 to 38 (registered) players (I do have a couple of new folks who joined the league who still have not completed their registration. If that's you, please go to the website and do that as soon as possible so our registration/team assignments are correct. 


Team names/rosters should be pre-loaded into the system at our assigned lanes. Your averages should be calculated from last season/last week, and should be on your score sheets. All you should need to do is show up at 6:15 to bowl. 


You should be able to check the League Pals app weekly for league updates, future assignments, etc. I haven't checked it this week, mostly because my phone has to be reset since it's not getting any signal and I can't remember my login.  I know. I'm a dork. 


Anyway, as always if you have questions or concerns, please reach out to me.

 Don't forget that if you or your team has to miss a week, please let me know, as it means that the opposing team has to stand around waiting on you. We start practice at 6:15 and competitive play at 6:30.  


Key things to remember (will be included in every update):

  • Show up on time. We start competitive play at 6:30 pm. If you're late, but still arrive during game 1, we can “play you in” but please don't make a habit of it.

  • Every league bowler will have 2 free practice games per week. These games can be played Monday through Saturday until 6pm or any time on Sundays. Check in at the desk and let them know that you are here for practice games, not pre-bowling. You should NOT be given a score card for practice games.

  • If you are going to miss a week, you can pre-bowl prior to Sunday night's start. If you pre-bowl, please let me know!! Technically you can pre-bowl any time the bowling alley is open, based on lane availability. Make sure you let the staff at AMF know that you are PREBOWLING (not practicing) so that they have you sign in and give you a score card.

  • I recommend calling ahead to assure lane availability.

  • Take a picture of the completed score card and send it to me. Make sure the score card has your name, your league & team name and the date you are pre-bowling for.

  • If you are planning to post bowl for week 1 and haven't told me, please reply to this email right now and let me know. Date your score card for the week you are bowling for (not the date you bowl).


Bowling etiquette (yes you should read this part at least once):

  • Be ready to bowl when it's your turn. No, seriously, don't be delaying play because you're messing around somewhere else. Being in line at the bar is one thing, but consistently having to be told it's your turn is annoying. Be considerate and ready when it's your turn.

  • Be aware of other bowlers: if 2 bowlers make the approach side by side, the bowler on the right has the right of way. LOOK AROUND. Make sure that when it's your turn, you're not bowling at the same time as the bowlers in the lanes next to you.

  • Once your turn is done, finish up and get out of the way. Again, we're trying to keep things moving, so once your roll is complete, do your happy dance and let the next bowler approach.

  • Wear bowling shoes. This should go without saying, but street shoes can damage the approach and lead to falls. Shoes are NOT included in the price of your season, so make sure to rent your shoes when you arrive if you need to.

  • Keep an eye on food and drink: don't spill near the approach, wet shoes cause falls (trust me on this one). If you're a sloppy eater, then eat at the table behind the benches on the lanes.

  • Don't be a jerk. No, seriously. We're all here to have fun. Don't be a jerk.

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