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Winter 2022 Postponed (but there's still time to sign up!)

BLUF: Winter season start delayed to 1/30/2022 due to COVID numbers going up, discounted sign up still available until 1/23/2022

Happy New Year, my Pindependents!

We've made it out of 2021, huzzah! Unfortunately, we're headed in to 2022 with some lousy COVID numbers and the very infectious omicron variant. On 12/30/2021, NC set a new record for positive tests at just over 18k, and a new record for number of ER visits for COVID-19 at 4171.

I know, I know, I'm tired of COVID and restrictions and masks, too.

Really tired.

So tired.

But here we are, still in this pandemic, with numbers going up and not down. Recommendations/restrictions aren't as severe as they were in Summer 2020, but current recommendations are to limit large gatherings and keep them outdoors if possible or in larger, well-ventilated areas with masking and social distancing. (Also, if you need further explanation why even vaccinated people need to limit large gatherings and continue to mask, please email me, I'll try to explain.)

Unfortunately, we're seeing a drop in mask usage in the community. During our Fall season, specifically at AMF, if I had to guess, only about 75% of patrons masked consistently, and AMF's enforcement is very limited. So, out of an abundance of caution, we're going to delay the start of the Winter 2022 season to Sunday, January 30th.

If you have already registered:

- No worries! You're signed up and good to go. No need to do anything, you'll get your usual "what to expect week 1" email from me the week prior to that date. Though check on your friends and teammates to be sure that they are also signed up.

If you have NOT registered:

- Well, this is one time being a procrastinator has benefitted you, as registration at the discount price is STILL open. You can still sign up to bowl for Winter, and if you sign up before 1/23/2022, you will still get the discount.

Dates to remember:

Jan 23, 2022: last day to register for discounted price

Jan 30, 2022: first day of Winter 2022

Feb 13, 2022: Superb Owl Sunday- no bowling

Apr 17, 2022: Easter Sunday- no bowling

Apr 24, 2022: Championship game, end of season pizza party

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The usual bowling league perks will apply: 3 games on Sundays, 2 free practice games per week, discounts on food and soft drinks at the snack bar, etc.

  • There will be no post-bowling this season if you miss a week. Pre-bowling only.

  • Due to payment issues in previous seasons, all bowlers must pay in advance before the season starts. No exceptions.

  • All bowlers must be vaccinated. Get your vaccine. Stop making excuses. (No, a previous positive test is not the same as a vaccine.)

  • Bowlers must wear masks at all times. Obviously, you can take your mask down to eat or drink, but put it back on. And remember, the damn thing goes over your nose.

  • If you are sick have a close exposure, I expect you to quarantine per CDC guidelines. Please see this website for more details on when you should quarantine. Don't bring that nonsense to our league: if you're sick, STAY HOME.

Click on this link to sign up:

Looking forward to seeing you back on the lanes in the new year!

Keely -- X/X/X/X/X/X/X/X Keely Godwin Manager, Cruise Director, Masking Enforcer, and all-around Bowling Buddy Pindependent Durham Bowling

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