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Spring 2024: No Bowling Sunday, May 26

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): No bowling this week. Use your time wisely: have fun, recharge, be safe.

This is just a quick reminder that we will NOT be bowling this week (5/26/24), as it is Memorial Day weekend. I hope your weekend is fun, safe and meaningful. Being the league manager means I get to share with you my thoughts on this weekend.

This is a weekend to stop and remember those who have sacrificed for our freedoms and our future. This isn't a day to celebrate veterans and thank them for our service, though we should always feel that way. But that's Veteran's Day. This, Memorial Day, is the day to remember those who didn't return, and their families who will always be less without them.

It's also a time to rededicate ourselves to the principles and goals of freedom and liberty. The fight for liberty continues at home every day: in our schools, our businesses, our public spaces. So many people have sacrificed and stood for freedom and liberty for all, it's important to take time to grieve, to remember and to be thankful, but also to keep fighting. From the sailors, airmen, marines and soldiers who faced rockets, guns, and mortars, to the mothers, sisters, fathers, and brothers who faced police dogs, tear gas, and firehoses, we remember and rededicate ourselves to the battle.

Freedom is complicated. It's messy. It's uncomfortable. It's not self-maintaining, it requires our vigilance and our engagement every day, and it requires us to remember that the price wasn't paid so only some could enjoy liberty. None of us is free until all of us are free.

So, take your time this weekend and remember those who have given so much to get us to where we are today, and I'll see you next week, ready to roll again.


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