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Fall 2023: Let's Get Ready to Rumbl--I Mean Register!!

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): The website has been updated to reflect Fall 2023 bowling dates, but I don't have a price from Bowlero yet, so I can't set prices.

But I do want your thoughts on possible changes to payment options, see below.

Hey, Pindependents! I have missed you so! I also had such big summer plans, but then things happened at work and at home and now it's August and suddenly I realize we should be getting ready for our fall league. I just wanted to let you know that we will be registering very soon, I'm just waiting to hear back from Bowlero about the pricing for this season and if they're going to spring any new other changes on us before I start taking people's money.

So here are the early details: When: Sundays, 6pm to 8:45ish

  • We will start on Sunday, September 10th.

  • The plan is to run a 12 week season, with a break for Thanksgiving, which would mean the last week would be Sunday, December 10th.

Where: Bowlero Durham, 4508 durham-chapel Hill Blvd, Durham, NC 27707

Who: Well, frankly, you! And your friends! And your family! And other people you like to bowl with.

  • We will again likely run four player teams again. However, if we have a preponderance of 3 person teams, we may consider adjusting, as the 3 player teams have worked well in the past as well.

Cost: I do not know this yet, last season it was about $11.50 per week, per player, and I've been told that it's going up. I usually charge $.50 to $1.00 over the cost per week per player, in order to cover the credit card fees, pay for trophies and prizes, pay for the website, etc.

So once I know what it'll cost, I'll let you know and I will open up registration on our website.

Speaking of website, if you're new to this mailing list or one of your totally dope friends shared it with you, you can find more information about us at:

There is a section to "sign up" but as noted, it won't receive your payment yet.

Payment changes and options:

Unlike some of the other Bowlero leagues, we maintain our own registration site and control our own money. The league is paid in full in advance, mostly in to avoid the league having to pay for people who register and then don't show up (and having a little slush money for prizes, parties, etc.).

Currently when people register on the website, they can pay by credit card, using Paypal or pay offline. When you pay the website through the registration form, there is a credit card fee that we pay (and that's ok, I want to make it as easy as possible for people to register and bowl with us).

However, if you have Paypal and are down with it, you can send your payment directly through the app ( If you want to pay with cash or a check, you'll need to let me know in advance, we'll work something out.

I do not have Venmo or CashApp, but if enough people would prefer to use those, I may break down and get them as well.

Potential "membership" option:

I am looking at the possibility of creating a membership option where you would sign up for a monthly payment for 1 year at a time and in doing so, you would be registered in all of 3 of our bowling seasons at a discount. I do not have a price point for this set, but it would likely be something like $25 to $30/month for 12 months. I will know better once we get a sense of what the cost will be for players each season.

Important caveats: if you choose this option, you must commit to 12 months (no doing it for 5 or 6 and then saying you can't bowl in one or more seasons) and it would be built as a "subscription option" and would require you to cancel after 12 mos if you don't want to do it ad infinitum.

Obviously there would be some bugs we'd need to work out, but let me know what you think about this option, by sending me a reply this email!

If you are new to Pindependent Durham Bowling, here's what you get if you join us:

  • 3 competitive games per week on Sunday nights (your team vs. another PDB team)

  • 2 free practice games per week

  • Discounts on food and soft drinks at the snack bar

  • Discounts on bowling purchases

  • A chance to hang out with a great group of people who are here for some fun!

  • We are NOT a sanctioned league, just a social one, for adults only.

  • Come join us!

Questions? Comments? Email me!

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